Saturday, March 7, 2015

Kris -Project quilting challenge week 5 - my fav fabric

Well this one was hard for an out 10 seconds because I love all fabric!! Lol
Okay cheesy jokes aside I new I wanted to use this one yard cut of fabric a friend sent me for my birthday. But this fabric normally would be a great backing print. So how do I use it as the main focus.
First thought cut it into 10 x10  and make a garden path quilt. Then after the first cute it hit me that I'll end up with really hard to use scraps. Why not cut it up in a way that uses the whole yard :) and lay it out how the yard would look laid out minus the seams :)

Calling this one
54 X74

Used decorative  stitched on my machine and free motion leaves to quilt this one 
and used a sheet on the back.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Kris - Project Quilting Piece - Week 4- 12 hearts

This week's piece had to be a simple one. I am still unpacking and setting up my sewing room.

1 made 12 mini 2.5 inch heart blocks then turned them on point. I used scraps and left over charm squares but I had to buy backing fabric at our variety store in town today. I still can't find my shoe box of sold fabrics!!!!
So I guess I cheated on my fabric Diet lol it was only half a yard and I got the super cheep stuff since it's a diaper pad not a show piece.
Really having a hard time naming this on.
I started thinking about what it's for and
Decided to call it " Random heart " because of the random quilting.
Hope Tucker enjoys his
diaper changes from now on!! :)

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Kris - Project Quilting Season 6- week 3 - orphan block challenge

This week I ended up using my patriotic theme Orphan blocks :)  the string blocks originally were for a wall hanging but I scrapped it because string blocks too too long. And the center of the star block are left over from a Christmas table runner I made last July :) This quilt is a lap quilt for my hubby. He served 12 years in the Navy. And i used up the left over fabric i used on his Christmas stocking and Bible Cover.
This is my 2nd attempt at a rag quilt....still not sold but I didn't want to just do that simple "x" through the block. I quilted each square as if each was a mini quilt with a star fm design. I also used fabric that belonged to my grandma on the back. It a little dated but it means a lot to me to use stuff she once had in my projects :)
this finished at about 48 x 48
Name- " Tribute to my Hubby"

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Kris- project Quilting S6- week 2

Well this week I broke my one rule..don't try to make a big quilt you don't have the time.
Reason. I have 5 kids...reason enough right :)
Well I did try to go small. Lap size. Needed. Black backing fabric and my husband was busy with work so monday I changed gears and did a mini. But after making the mini and laying them done my brain started formulating and once that happens it hard to change gears for me.
But i realized Thursday that even though it's a quilt as I go and in 4 manageable sections, I still didn't have the time to finish by noon on Sunday and I am okay with that because this quilt is just amazing.:)
So today I sat down for an hour and sewed the scraps and made a mug rug to practice the designs I won't to do on the larger quilt units and that is what I am summiting. I am calling it "The 4 Sunsets Scraps" as you can guess the larger quilt will  be named "4 sunsets"
The back is even cool  :)except for the tension issues my Singer keeps having.
I am just amazed at the ladies that can get a whole quilt done in a week but that just not my or Kaz ' s reality. I sure did try lol
can't wait to see the other pieces made this week :)

Thursday, January 22, 2015

KAZ~Sunrise/Sunset challenge

So the second challenge has been very difficult for me. My mind could not let go of the arch of the horizon. I automatically thought 'curve' when I read about the second challenge in #pq6. So I spent over a day just searching google images, hoping for this weeks muse when I found an epic image! 

The second I layed eyes on this a new phrase replaced 'curve' and that was, "In the begining!!" Can you even imagine how our creator pulled the cosmos into motion and set off the chain reaction that we now know as one day? The sun set and rose. One day. This embodied all that I love about science, astrology and nature!!! Glorious!

My next task really threw me around. How could I convert this into a 2 dimensional piece of art? I really did try. Alas, for me, I could not quilt this. So instead I settled to interpret the curveof the  Earth in the curve of my cranium!! 

My resolution was to make a headband using what I call my starry night material I have been using as a back ground on a hexie quilt. I appliquéd one golden hexie onto it for the sun and embroidered the rays along with one word, 'Dawn'.

Me modeling the headband. Sadly the writing didn't photograph well. 

You can barely make out the DAW in dawn on the left portion of the headband. 

I have decided to entitle this project 'Dawn of Creation'. I hope it conveys the majesty I have in my heart. 

ThanX~ Kaz

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Project Quilting Season 6 -Challenge 1 - "723" ~Kris

This 17 x 12 Wall Hanging was created with 1.5 inch scraps I had from a previous project I over cut for. The image is a pixilated tree. The challenge was to be inspired by trees and I knew right away what I wanted to do. I attempted to improve piece and seams lining up and perfectly straight seams didn't mater to me. Nature isn't perfect, it has it beautiful imperfections,  as do we. 
The name "723" comes from the numbers on the house we rented in December of 2014. We made a big move from Houston to Northern Texas. This is the first compleated piece I have made in our new home.
I am very excited about this move. It has changed our familiy lives for the better. 
And to think this all started because I meet Kaz' Mother in a Block swap Group She Started on Facebook :)
I truly have been blessed to meet such an awesome family :)
~ Kris

KAZ~Tree Challenge

When Kris shared the first challenge of season 6 project quilting on Facebook I felt a huge thrill!!! The theme was trees and I hit the net in search of some inspiration. The main image I found my muse in was this ginko tree

So next I drew up a plan, settled on using hexies for my tree top and chose some fabrics!

I like to color my hexies and pick an arrangement before basting to insure I don't get too crazy and over cut my fabric! This worked to my advantage later when I made my binding. 
So once I basted and appliquéd the tree top to my background I settled on embroidering the trunk. I love the simplicity of a thin embroidered line! 
With the tree done I sandwiched my three layers and hand quilted by framing the tree. I feel like the teal thread made a windy feel to the background.

Now here is where the left over 2.25" strips I cut (but didn't square and baste for hexies) will come in handy! I just connected them and added this awesome matching brown print to make a scrappy binding that really puts the icing on this whimsical windy tree!

I have completed the project quilting tree challenge as a wall hanging measuring just over 9 by 7 inches. I have entitled it "A Confident Wind" as a nod to how I am currently feeling about the techniques I am learning. Thank you!